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About Us

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Mentorship Counsel

We have established a Mentorship Counsel that should assist both the Board of Directors and the Executives to work within certain boundaries, guided by Corporate Governance.  We have a wide variety of high calibre members of the Counsel coming from different industries and big organisations – these are current and retired Chairman and CEO’s of listed companies, private and parastals.

Leadership Development

It is important to take a reading of where the Company is, in terms of performance, vision, strengths/weaknesses, top management aspirations, key stakeholder perceptions etc.

We offer a number of services and take what could be described as an inside-out approach to Corporate Effectiveness.  The principle is to operate on a bespoke basis depending upon the specific needs of the organisation. Corporate problems/opportunities invariably revolve around people and/or communication.

General Assessment

Interaction with Chief Executive Officer; Senior Management discussion and analysis; Key Stakeholders audits; Workshops; Implementation; Leadership Training; Professional/Business Profiling/Recruitment fit and Team maximation; Succession planning; Assessment and Counselling; Personal Coaching; Social and Emotional Intelligence; Change Management; Conflict Management; Good to Great; Negotiating skills; Performance Appraisals; Key stakeholder audits, Workshops, Strategy Development and Assessments.

Strategic Consulting Component


Our strategic consulting services seek continuous innovation to build knowledge and direction in the dynamic market. 

We look at Board effectiveness, performance assessment frameworks, role structuring, profiling frameworks, reporting frameworks, enterprise-wide value-based risk management assessments and governance compliance assessments. Corporate and functional strategy formulation, refinement performance metrics and tracking indicator resources.  Strategy alignment models for multi-stakeholder environments, validation and utilising of a 9-step process, implementation processes and frameworks – strategy maps and balance scorecards and log-frame, business plan development and strategic budgeting frameworks, management governance systems and guidelines, performance assessments and management tools, business intelligence systems for strategic performance management and strategic management practical theory courses/teambuilding.